LG might not be popping out the most capable handsets in the world, but man is the LG design team cranking out some good looking stuff. Rumor has it that LG may have at least two new fashion-centric handsets in store for us this week or next week at CeBIT; the KF240 music phone and the very sexy KF570 pictured above. Specs on the KF570, the more interesting of the two, are still a bit limited but suffice it to say that we like what little we do know. 160 MB of internal memory, a microSD slot and a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus. You can also see a new innovative touchpad design beneath the display on the pictures above. Hidden beneath a mirrored touch-sensitive surface lies a digital display that appears to change configurations according to operation. The device as a whole looks super thin and sleek; a definite winner for the fashion phone crowd. Actually, if you’ve got a solid pair and you can’t wait a week, it looks like the KF570 is already up for sale on some Romanian site. Even less is known about the third handset, reportedly dubbed KF300. If it’s anything like what we’ve been seeing trickle down from the LG rumor mill lately though, it should definitely be hot.