S60 3rd Edition users have been clamoring for a portal into the vast musical experience that is Last.fm, well, since the release of S60 3rd Edition. Windows Mobile devices have a Last.fm client, iPhone users have the amazing MobileScrobbler application and now S60 users get get their first taste of Last.fm functionality thanks to aspyplayer. Douglas Fernando da Silva, developer and author of the Random Thoughts About Nothing (Usually) So Simple blog, has released an early beta version of his open python app that allows users to scrobble tracks to Last.fm as they play on an S60 device. Woo hoo! As mentioned earlier, the app is still in very early stages. Currently, it only supports scrobbling so we can only hope that da Silva works towards integrating Last.fm radio functionality at a later point in time. Fingers crossed! da Silva is currently working on the UI so rest assured that the screen shots above don’t represent the finished product. To make use of aspyplayer, you’ll need to first install Python for S60. Then just sign and install the aspyplayer installer package and you’re good to go.

[Via without hyphens]

Thanks, Olly!