As if you needed another reason to steer clear of New Jersey (just kidding of course, we love NJ), drivers who can’t seem to get the hang of a bluetooth headset better start taking the long way up the East Coast. As of March 1, New Jersey laws with regards to cell phone use while driving are getting an overhaul. Talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device has been illegal in New Jersey since 2004, but apparently the old laws weren’t enough of a deterrent; or tax revenues are down. Fistly, cell phone use while driving is no longer a secondary offense. According to current legislation a driver cannot be pulled over or ticketed for talking on a cell phone alone, only in conjunction with another traffic violation. From March 1 on, that’s out the window. If a cop sees you with a phone to your face while behind the wheel, game on. The monetary fine for talking while driving is also getting a nice hike, with the minimum fine for a first offense jumping from $100 to $250. Oddly, NJ legislators think that texting while driving is somehow safer than talking, as the fine for a first offense is $100. That Jawbone is looking better and better.

[Via a press release from Parrot trying to hock BT car kits]