Tomorrow is Tuesday and we all know what that means… Apple Store goes down, new stuff pops up. This formula has held true since the start of the new year and we can only hope that Apple can keep it up. So what might be in store for us tomorrow? Word on the grapevine is that we might just find ourselves with three new MacBook Pro models! Rumor has it that three new part numbers have been spotted in inventory management systems across the country. Both brick and mortar Apple stores and channel distributors reportedly show the new part numbers, and one location reported that a delivery may be due as early as Friday, February 29th. Part number details are as follows:

  • MA402LL/A – $1999
  • MA403LL/A – $2499
  • MA404LL/A – $2799

Details beyond the part numbers and prices are scarce, but we can expect the new MacBook Pro models to sport an updated multi-touch trackpad a la MacBook Air. We can also expect Intel’s new Core 2 Duo Penryn processors to make a debut. You’ll know more when we know more…