Touchpad became one of our favorite iPhone / iPod Touch applications even before we installed it. Developer Jahanzeb Sherwani has created a simple app that allows you to use your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless touchpad for your PC. Badass. It’s based on VNSea, the popular iPhone / iPod Touch VNC client for OS X. As you can see in the video, Sherwani’s application allows your handset to perform just like a laptop touchpad. Control the mouse, scroll, zoom and more quickly and wirelessly. All you need to do is add Sherwani’s repo, install Touchpad from your Utilities directory in Installer, fire up VNC on your PC and connect. Got a nice big display and a hard drive full of multimedia? You might never have to get out of bed again. If you’re in need of a simple free VNC client for your PC, check out RealVNC. Oh, and remember to enable WiFi when using Touchpad.

Thanks, RMR