It looks like Nintendo has its work cut out for it, and a few extra lawyers on retainer. Last month we told you that Nintendo was toying with the idea of bringing their popular Wii Fit to the US and now it looks like a firm date has been set. The Fit will officially find its way to US soil on Monday, May 19. Nintendo also announced that it will be releasing the unit in Europe a few weeks prior to the US release on Friday, April 25. We’re not sure exactly what preparations Nintendo has made in order to ready the Wii Balance Board for the Western world, but initial speculation was that it may in fact have to do with upping the 300 lb weight limit found on the current model. Are they calling us fat? Until more info is released, we’ll have to assume that the 300 lb limit will still apply to the US model. That gives you exactly three months to work your way back down to your slender college weight so that you can hop on the Balance Board without crushing it like the Cloverfield monster.

[Via Giz]