Tisk tisk Best Buy. It looks like you might have jumped the gun with that latest round of product shots! Word on the street has been that a new version of Nokia’s N810 is on the way, and the rumors seem to be pretty in line with what might be a small Best Buy blunder. The image above is a screen shot from the February edition of Best Buy’s online mobile buyer’s guide. Plenty of sharp-looking Nokia devices indeed, but something about that N830 looks a but odd. Black Case? Orange backlighting under the keypad? Could this be the rumored N810 update that will pack WiMAX for Sprint’s upcoming network launch? The start of CTIA is thought to be a possible announcement date, which would give Nokia the typical announcement-to-launch window before Sprint’s WiMAX goes live. WiMAX compatibility could be just what the doctor ordered to give the new tablet a much-needed sales boost. Only time will tell but we definitely wouldn’t mind getting our hands on a WiMAX-packing N830, that’s for sure…Read