Every time the Apple Store goes down, an angel gets its wings. Ok, maybe that’s not entirely true, but if it was true there would be a whole lot of newly-winged angels these days. The Apple Store seems to drop offline every Tuesday lately and once it comes back up, we have something new to talk about. This week, it’s a $30 price slash on the iPod Shuffle. The current model of the Shuffle holds 1 GB of music and is now available for a pretty reasonable $49. Later this month, Apple will also be releasing a 2 GB version that will be available for $69; $10 less than the old 1 GB price point. The iPod Shuffle is hardly an audiophile’s dream, but it makes a great little gift for that person you just don’t really care about. You know, the annoying friend that you have to buy a decent gift for because your girlfriend will never hear the end of it if you don’t? Plus it’s nice and tiny so when he or she loses it, your girlfriend can give them plenty of grief about it and you get a brief but enjoyable moment of devious satisfaction.