We love you, RIM, but your penchant for overblown litigation is getting a bit old. Word has come out of Canada that the BlackBerry manufacturer has filed a lawsuit against Motorola. The lawsuit was filed this past Saturday in U.S. District Court in Texas. It alleges that Motorola "is demanding exorbitant royalties…for patents that Motorola claims are essential to various standards for mobile wireless telecommunications and wireless computing that RIM practices." Some of these patents relate directly to the use of Wi-Fi in handheld devices. It also accused Moto of infringing on several RIM patents, including one that provides for a device "with a keyboard optimized for use with thumbs". Right. On the Motorola side, they filed a suit claiming that "RIM infringed on seven of its patents in various BlackBerry 8000-series devices and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server." So much for that RAZRBerry, huh?