LG’s Chocolate and enV have had good runs with Verizon Wireless, but by Spring of this year it looks like both handsets will be pushed aside like Jennifer Aniston. It was fun while it lasted but just like Pitt, Verizon is moving on to bigger and better things. The VX9100 (pictured left) is a sleek clamshell with a qwerty keyboard inside the flip and what looks to be a chromed surround reminiscent of… well, you know. Known details includes a slimmer profile, simpler up / down keys to replace the outer d-pad, 2 megapixel camera and a microSD slot. The VX8610 (pictured right) will replace the current Chocolate and sports the same slider form factor. One of the more interesting features of the VX8610 is that the rear of the device contains a built-in removable bluetooth headset. Visually, it does provide a bit of an eyesore but the concept is quite unique and convenient. Street names for the devices are still unknown as are pricing details, but we should see them both in stores by the end of Q2.