While AT&T has just announced two new HSUPA-compatible laptop cards, Sprint will actually be kicking it up a notch soon with a cool little device that works in tandem with their already-available EVDO cards and handsets. The PHS300 is a pocketable EVDO-to-WiFi router that should become available from Sprint on March 1 of this year. Simply connect your EVDO USB modem or EVDO-compatible handset to the PHS300, then plug in your PC or laptop via USB and you’re good to go. Already available for $179 directly from manufacturer Cradlepoint, the unit supports up to four simultaneous connections and packs a beefy 1800 mAh battery along with a DC-in to keep it juiced. It’s still not quite as cool as the freeware S60 application we told you about that lets you turn your Symbian handset into a WiFi router, but the PHS300 should make some Sprint customers happy and provide them with a cool piece of technology that isn’t quite in the mainstream yet. Cradlepoint’s pocket hotspot does have a leg up on JoikuSpot however, in that it features an integrated firewall and WEP/WPA support.