Competition is great, fellas, but jumping into a market “just because everyone else is doing it”? Not the best idea. Now, we’re not saying that AOL’s recently announced Open Mobile Platform isn’t something worthy of your consideration. The question, however, is whether or not we really need another another entry into the mobile platform market. Either way, consider AOL a part of the picture. The former internet giant is throwing their hat into the mobile OS sphere, throwing together a package that includes open source access to an XML-based development language, a mobile device client, and an application server. The company will also be providing open-source access to many of its current software offerings, including AIM, AOL Mail, AOL Video, Mapquest, Winamp, and more. The inclusion of AIM and Mapquest are noteworthy additions, but we’re pretty sure this will flop soon after it hits the market sometime this summer. Then again, we’re just one voice among many. Would you buy an AOL handset? Why or why not?Read