Just how much does it cost to extend your stay on this planet? If you’re part of the HD-DVD camp over at Toshiba, the answer is a cool $2.7 million. The company that has been backing the HD-DVD Hi-Def format since day one has just dropped some serious cash on a Superbowl ad set to premier this Sunday. This is a dying gasp from a format that has experienced a number of crushing blows to its viability. The most recent, and perhaps most significant, was dealt earlier this month when the Warner Brothers studio defected and placed their eggs in the Blu-ray basket. While Toshiba is hoping to spark some renewed interest in its format with a combination of new advertising and drastic price drops, we’re still pretty sure that come December of this year, we won’t be seeing much of the HD-DVD format. R.I.P. Xbox 360 HD-DVD player!