Remember that new free, legal music download service we told you about last week? Did it sound too good to be true? Turns out you may have been right. Qtrax was supposed to go live, claiming to offer over 25,000,000 ad-supported songs completely free of charge. As of today, however, the service has yet to be switched on. Instead, they basically have a placeholder for “future music”. Further more, all 4 major labels have released statements denying any semblance of a formal agreement with Qtrax. Warner, Universal, EMI, and Sony have all disowned the company once known as Qtrax. We have yet to hear an official statement out of the Qtrax camp, but all signs are pointing to a bluffed product launch. Why exactly they would would bite the hand that could potentially feed them is a bit beyond us, but all of this maneuvering has served to prove that ad-supported free downloads have the potential to spark a great deal of interest.