Make no mistake, the highly anticipated and somewhat controversial iPhone jaikbreak for the latest 1.1.3 firmware does work. We have plenty of reports of successful jailbreaks from a variety of sources and we’ve even seen it with our own eyes. The new procedure is a bit young though, and many, many people are reporting problems. The biggest issue it seems, is that AT&T users who had previously upgraded to 1.1.3 apparently find themselves without service after jailbreaking. There are fixes for this issue but many have further problems once the fix is applied. Among the reported issues are problems with ringtones, errors in Google Maps functionality, issues with DRM-protected file playback and problems with email not storing your passwords. Smart users who had not yet upgraded to 1.1.3 report far fewer issues and often have little or no trouble with the relatively simple upgrade / jailbreak procedure. If you’re one of the many who just couldn’t wait and had to update pre-jailbreak however, you may want to wait for the dev team to work these issues out before going through with anything. We all know how fast they work so the wait shouldn’t be long.