If the contents of a leaked internal memo are to be believed, the answer is a very strong yes! Best Buy has apparently been circulating a memo to all employees, notifying them that the PS3 80 GB will no longer be gracing their store shelves. If true, this is but the latest indication that Sony still has some, ahem, things to figure out if they intend to push the PS3 successfuly. Given the recent holiday season sales report numbers that place both the Wii and Xbox 360 in a healthy lead ahead of the lowly PS3, the company may have already lost that battle. Whether Best Buy’s move signals a widespread discontinuation or just a store-specific decision remains to be seen, but given the fact that they are one of the country’s biggest electronics retailers, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was indicative of a widespread change in Sony’s PS3 strategy. The real bummer here is that Best Buy will only be selling the 40GB version of the PS3, which happens to be the only model that doesn’t retain backwards-compatibility with the PS2.

UPDATE: Nevermind, then! Best Buy has taken the 80GB PS3 off their website. Circuit City and other big box retailers still look to be carrying them, though..


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