This dress may very well spawn more obnoxious one-liners than the advent of the frat house. It may also look like something out of The Fifth Element, but believe it or not it could be the start of an interesting new trend. Perhaps plugging your gear into your laptop bag for a charge isn’t up your alley; how about plugging into your girlfriend? New York-based Studio 5050’s latest project dubbed Day-for-Night is a dress that is actually a network of small white circuit boards. The dress can be reconfigured as the wearer desires as the boards are fully modular. Of course Day-for-Night isn’t purely decorative; each board is ready for jumper connectors and either an RGB LED, a photocell or even a solar cell. That’s right, the Day-for-Night dress could potentially be home to 400 or more solar cells just waiting to charge up all kinds of gear. In its current stage of development, the dress already integrates a control board and / or a variety of other equipment. In terms of solar power, there is no reason that Studio 5050 couldn’t rework it and add some kind of storage mechanism to extend its usefulness beyond direct sunlight. All of the interesting possibilities aside though, we have to wonder what happens if it rains?

[Via Gadget Lab]