So here’s what we just heard: one of T-Mobile’s warehouses were broken into over the weekend and around 36,000 phones were stolen! The phones stolen are said to be worth around $8.2 million! Yeah peoples, not fun. What’s even crazier is that the majority of what was stolen were the Sidekick devices. T-Mobile’s actively tracking the IMEIs to see if any are activated on their network and is said to be working with law enforcement officials to trace the handsets to dealers that potentially activate them. Totally insane! Here’s the internal email to T-Mobile dealers, after the jump!

“Wanted to let you all know that one of our warehouses was broken into over the weekend and some 36,000 phones were stolen (worth about 8.2 Million). The most significant phones stolen were the Sidekick phones. Please make sure you inform the dealers who like to purchase gray market handsets that we are aggressively working with law enforcement to prosecute anyone who has these handsets. We do know the IMEI’s of the stolen phones and once they end up on our network we will go to the dealer code that activated the phone. So if your dealers get a call about Sidekicks and the deal is too good to be true you will know why.”