Added value, brand awareness, and customer loyalty are just a few of the concepts behind the latest business product offering from mobile developer Psiloc. SoftVariant is a brand new solution for Symbian devices that will automatically customize a S60 3rd Edition handset simply by inserting a memory card. Psiloc’s software will install applications, install and activate themes, create contact entries and contact groups, automatically add Wi-Fi hotspots and much more. Carriers, marketing firms and handset retailers are some of groups that will take particular interest in this solution. As a distributor, imagine being able to pack a cheap memory card with each handset you ship. When your customer inserts the card in their new device for the first time, SoftVariant will automatically install a few custom themes, add a few complimentary apps and automatically bookmark your company website and blog. The customer will appreciate the themes and apps, you will appreciate the word of mouth marketing and repeat business and the world will be a better place. Of course this is only one of a thousand potential uses for SoftVariant. It’s worth mentioning that in the wrong hands, this technology has the potential to be quite a nuisance. We can only hope that companies understand the concept of "less is more" and don’t do anything overly annoying that would have an adverse affect on recipients.