The Nokia N95 is a lot of things. A full-featured smartphone, a 5-megapixel camera, a DVD-quality video recorder; a portable voice-guided GPS navigation, a QVGA multimedia player and much more. Now on top of everything else, it’s pink. Nokia fans in Hong Kong, and anywhere else thanks to eBay, can now enjoy all of the functionality of this Finnish behemoth in a softer shade that will match any wardrobe. Isn’t pink the new black? Availability is a bit limited and as such, it carries a slightly elevated price tag. At $650 shipped with a 1GB microSD card on eBay, the pink N95 is about $75 more than the average NIB plum variety. Isn’t your girl worth it though? Right, sure it’s for her. Releasing the same phone in four different variants (N95-1, N95 NAM, N95 8GB and N95 8GB NAM) was probably confusing enough to begin with. Now to compound matters we’ve seen the N95 in plum, sand, brown, black, red and pink with a silver face; as well as two versions with a black body and black face. Milk it Nokia, milk it.