We tend to shy away from providing specific shopping advice, as there are already plenty of sites that can take care of you. That said, when a deal like this comes along, we’re happy to spread the news. Woot.com has the Sony UX390 Premium on sale for a cool $1,299. For those that don’t know, the UX390N Premium is, bar none, one of the hottest UMPCs on the market. While we tend to lean towards the OQO Model 02 due to its integrated 3G radio, we think the Sony UX390N is a very, very close second. This is a $2,000 computer, sporting a 1.33 Ghz processor, Windows Vista Business Ultimate, 1GB of RAM, 32GB solid state flash hard drive, 4.5" touchscreen, and onboard EDGE radio, among many other features. The only real difference between this model and the current UX490N is that the 490 sports a 48GB SSD. These things usually go pretty fast, so if you’re interested we suggest that you head over pretty soon and hit that "buy" button.