Bluetrek hit CES 2008 with a couple of interesting bluetooth devices, but the SurfaceSound DUO is particularly cool. Slim and relatively compact, the DUO clips to your car’s visor and can be paired with any bluetooth phone. It utilizes an integrated mic and snazzy flat speaker to give you hands-free calling and sports a respectable 22 hours of talk time, 24 days of stand-by. The cool thing about the SurfaceSound DUO is that any compatible Bluetrek headset can be docked in the headset port to make use of the DUO’s mic and speaker. Even cooler still, you can dock your headset while on an active call and it will seamlessly move your conversation to the loudspeaker. This means that you can transition between your car and the street quickly and easily without interruption. The DUO will also charge your docked headset so it’s nice and juiced once you park. No word yet on pricing and availabilty but hit the link to check out a video of the SurfaceSound DUO in action. Bluetrek’s moderately-attractive model seems to enjoy the device so that must mean you will too.