Your handheld device may not look particularly cool with this odd old school Motorola antenna-looking contraption sticking out of the miniSD slot, but this gadget is so compact and useful that you might not even care. Spectec hit Las Vegas this week with the latest in their line of SD-slot adapters; a compact portable GPS unit that plugs into a miniSD slot! Primarily targeting Windows Mobile users, Spectec’s upcoming adapter provides a tremendous size and weight reduction compared to standard bluetooth GPS receivers. Keeping your GPS receiver charged up is not an issue of course, as power is drawn from the handheld. Device compatibility will not be limited to Windows Mobile, but driver development could be a bit slower for other platform devices. Thanks to Spectec’s design however, drivers will not be a necessity for this receiver. If drivers aren’t present on the handheld, the adapter will enable Bluetooth and become detectable as a standard external bluetooth GPS receiver! Very slick indeed.