While cruising through the Samsung booth earlier today we stopped by their DAP and music station to score a bit of time with the YA-BS900 Stereo Bluetooth speakers. These things sound great, and interact with Bluetooth devices in a unique way. They feature embedded Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP profile support, 10 meter range, 30W output, motion detection sensor, touch sensor, and much more. They’re designed to work with Sammy’s YP-P2 Bluetooth digital audio player, as well as any other phone or media device that support the A2DP profile. Sound quality is excellent, and the design is subtle but appealing. They’re not too big, and we could easily see stashing this thing in a dorm room or on a kitchen counter. They come in a couple of colors as well, for all you color-scheme-matching freaks out there. They should run about $399 when they launch in March.

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