Are you noticing a trend here? The CES trade show is about many things, but gigantic televisions are certainly at the forefront of most big manufacturer’s offerings. While Pioneer can’t quite compete on the size scale with the likes of Panasonic and Sharp, the company is working to make a play on the luxury screen market. They’ve branded a luxury division under the name Kuro, and seem to be churning out some pretty attractive high-end TVs. They had a prototype TV on display here today, and it’s a beautiful product. It’s a 50" screen designed to sit in your living room or entertainment center. The TV itself is insanely thin, and picture quality is nothing short of stunning. The Pioneer reps were coy about whether or not there were plans to launch commercial production, but we think they’d have a winner on their hands if they decided to make this one available. Remember this concept TV is totally different from the Kuro that’s offered now. The black levels are simply unbelievable on the concept, even better than the commerically available Kuros in stores.

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