The Neonode N2 mobile handset is a bizarre little thing. It’s a tiny, full touchscreen device that sports a single joystick for navigation. The touchscreen is navigable by way of several iPhone-like gestures, with a right sweep of the finger registering as a "yes" and a left sweep registering as a "no" or "cancel". The screen has Haptics feedback, which is something we feel to be an essential feature of a modern touchscreen device. The screen itself is pressure sensitive, which means that you can use it with gloves on…no bare, cold fingers necessary. The phone felt a bit sluggish, and we were not impressed by the dull UI, but overall the handset has some attractive features. It’s small, but not tiny, and the screen+joystick combo allowed for relatively easy navigation. Neonode is currently in talks with US carriers, and they informed us that a release on T-Mobile or AT&T is more than likely by year’s end. Excited? Check the gallery!

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