The Sprint website doesn’t mention it, the RIM website doesn’t mention it, but BlackBerry fans on Sprint’s network will be happy to learn about this little gem. The BlackBerry Pearl and Pearl 2 are favorites among BB users in the US thanks to expanded functionality, compact size and of course the usability-factor that many users live and die by. With all those Pearls out there, what can you do to separate yourself from the pack? Sprint customers will be happy to know that the seldom-seen Sprint red Pearl 2 can be had for the same price as a standard color; and 2-day shipping is free. The red 8130 of course includes EV-DO connectivity, Sprint TV, Sprint Music Store access and all the other goodies that you know and love. If you’ve been waiting for something special to come along before upgrading your Sprint device, the wait is over. Just don’t forget big red is offering the pink one. Ah, decisions!

Thanks, tritan!