It looks like the last run of live Nokia N82 images being circulated were just very brightly lit images of the original N82 as opposed to the white N82 as was being reported. Our friends in Taiwan got their hands on a real-deal "Titanium White" N82 and as you can tell from the pics, it most certainly is white. Of note, the titanium white N82 still has the same fugly finger print-magnet of a face but the back is pure white and is free of the annoying texture found on the back of the grey unit. The sides still appear to be grey however. For those unfamiliar, the Nokia N82 is essentially an N95 in candybar form with a funny face, funny buttons and a xenon flash. It maintains just about all of the N95’s other goodies such as internal GPS, a 5-megapixel cam with Zeiss optics, 30 fps video recording et al. We can only hope that the black version ditches the chromed face and keeps it simple and elegant as Nokia normally does.