If you’re on the big red and have been praying for another Windows Mobile device, and want something pocketable, the SMT5800 could be right up your alley. Sporting a number pad on the outside, and full QWERTY slide-out keyboard, the HTC Vox reincarnated will grace Verizon’s airwaves on January 7th. You like walking up to the cash register and bothering the crap out of the sales person? Then you’ll have to wait for it to hit stores on January 21st. 128MB ROM / 64MB RAM, microSD slot, EV-DO Rev. A upgradability, and Bluetooth 2.0 are all part of the SMT5800. What about pricing, you say? $314.99 with a 2 year, $344.99 with a 1 year, and $469.99 full retail. Couple more details after the jump like package contents, and a couple available accessories!

Thanks, Omie!

P.S. The above pricing might be corporate pricing. Just wanted to warn ya’!

Car Charger HTCVPC1 $29.99
Extended Battery VTS5800BATXT $59.99

Small Pouch
USB Cable
USB Spiltter
AC Charger