Nokia released a major firmware update this past Thursday for its flagship handset, the N95 8GB. Among the notable improvements is a tweaked S60 browser that now seemingly integrates Adobe Flash Lite 3. Why is this of interest? The S60 browser was impressive as it stood, being one of the first to provide true access to full web content on a mobile phone. With this latest enhancement however, the N95 becomes the first compact mobile phone to provide in-line viewing of FLV videos (the E90 can do it as well, but it’s hardly compact)! This means that users can now access the full YouTube library as they would on their desktop or laptop. No mobile sites, no video downloads / conversions and no third-party searches are required. Simply navigate to the full YouTube website and click on a video to watch it. Click on the video again as during playback to automatically switch to landscape orientation and display the video full screen with a control bar. It’s a shame that the N95’s dedicated multimedia keys can’t be used to control playback, but this is still quite an accomplishment none the less.