Welcome to the age where your remote could very well be the most sophisticated piece of technology in your home theater setup and beyond. The upcoming vPad by VidaBox slaps a 1024 x 786 resolution 10.4-inch touchscreen onto a remote with 802.11b & g support that’s less than 1 1/2-inches thick! The vPad allows you to control your home theater gear and multi-room audio setup, adjust your lighting scheme and even control your thermostat all from one wireless controller. The battery on the vPad is good for about 2 1/2 hours of usage and the included dock charges the sleek remote while displaying it in style to your envious friends. You can even monitor your home security cameras right on the vPad’s high resolution display so you’re ready to go all "Say chello to my lil’ frand" on anyone jealous of your setup. It’s designed to compliment VidaBox’s full line of controllers but will also work with your existing web-controllable home automation and/or multi-zone audio serving hardware, if you’ve already got it like that. If you already have a Crestron unit, though, you’re not missing out

[Via Engadget]