Beatsmiths and wanna-be rockstars were surely in the back of designer Prashant Chandra’s mind when he drew up his latest concept. pcRocks stuffs a powerful computer and a high-definition mic with integrated pop filter into a compact portable case. Perfect for recording on the go in any surroundings, this compact unit could be an ideal solution for musicians and producers on a budget. Even small private recording studios can cost a small fortune once you factor in the hourly rates, engineers, rehashing and everything else that goes into recording a track. A solution like this could be a perfect alternative for aspiring musicians of all kinds. pcRocks owners from around the world will also be able to network with each other while working on a project and record in real-time, eliminating travel costs entirely. This concept has some lofty aspirations and we’re curious to see how exactly Chandra plans to combat surrounding noise, vibrations and other audio disruptions that soundproofing techniques such as floating and acoustical paneling eliminate in a professional studio. Even still, the portability and versatility of a product like pcRocks has some real potential to make professional-quality recordings much more accessible.

[Via Yanko Design]