Big TV manufacturers seem to be dropping like flies these days, with the competition seemingly too much to handle for a number of historically successful players. The latest to say goodbye is Fujitsu, who has just announced that they will no longer be selling and / or manufacturing flat panel televisions. The company will sell their last TV in March, 2008. With peeps like Vizio and Westinghouse controlling the bottom-feeder market, and high end brands like Sony and Sharp with the upscale screens, there’s little room for middle-of-the-road players like Fujitsu to make any headway. Let’s just hope this sort of competition doesn’t push any more companies out of the game, as the more competition the better, as far as we’re concerned.

UPDATE: As pointed out to us by a fellow reader, Fujitsu does not in fact make LCD TVs, but rather manufacturers high-end plasma TVs that are on the same level as the Pioneer Elite models, and possibly even Runco plasma TVs.