Note that the composite above is a very very long shot, but details of Apple’s Newton revival are starting to trickle and David Sieger of Seeking Alpha has pieced together his impressions of the forthcoming UMC to create the image above. Apparently he has received some inside info and reports that the new Newton will be designed to be held laterally with one concave button on each side of the screen. Sieger also reports that Apple has expressed a great deal of interest in a 5.2" 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen manufactured by Balda, Apple’s current iPhone screen supplier. Couple that with multi-source confirmation that the Newton will feature an on-screen keyboard as opposed to a physical board and Sieger might actually be onto something with this mock up. So far we don’t have any confirmed sightings of the Newton in the wild so only time will tell in terms of how accurate his graphical interpretation might be.

[Via Computerworld]