The current trend in headphones is noise-cancelling / noise-isolating but Korean company En-Tech is taking a different approach with their latest audio delivery offering. In fact, the En-Tech Vibe NVE-100 ear-phones are essentially the polar opposite of noise cancelling. By design, the NVE-100s allow sounds to be heard so that the wearer is not disconnected from his or her surroundings. Despite the fact that they’re not the best looking ear-phones on the market, the NVE-100s are certainly the safest option for commuters. In addition, sound is delivered directly to the tympanic membrane through vibrations so these ear-phones are safe for the ear drums as well. These are active ear-phones so they do require a charge. About 30 minutes of juice from a USB port will keep them going for about six hours so the inconvenience is minimal. En-Tech’s Vibe NVE-100 ear-phones will retail for $105 once released in the Korean market. Those of us outside of Korea will have to keep an eye on eBay to grab a pair.

[Via Ubergizmo]