Anyone still rocking an AT&T-branded Treo 680? Oh, hi. You’re going to be quite thankful today, as AT&T and Palm have just dropped a rather sizeable update to the aging handset. There’s quite a collection of changes and enhancements here, so if you do own a Treo 680, you’ll probably want to hook this up with the quickness. Among the most significant changes include Push-To-Talk support, Microsoft Direct Push, native IM client, support for SD cards up to 4GB, and much more. Oh, and every Cingular badge will finally be replaced with the new AT&T branding. It’s about damn time! The bad news, however, is that this update appears to disable support for BlackBerry Connect, so if you’re dependent on that feature, this is probably not the right move at this time. The update is available right now from Palm’s site. It’s currently only offered for AT&T-branded devices, but expect a version for unlocked / unbranded handsets in the near future.