The only thing funnier than l33t speak, is when people write about it who have never used it before. The extravagant lengths through which people go to explain each term is hilarious. Granted, not everyone knows what each word or phrase means, but c’mon…if you’re going to give a l33t word an award for being a "word of the year," at least pretend that the word is commonplace enough that you don’t need to explain it to the nth detail. Anyway, congrats to the word "w00t," winner of this year’s Merriam-Webster Word of the Year. It replaces 2006 winner "truthiness" of Stephen Colbert fame, and beat out other words, such as "facebook" (as a verb), "quixotic", "hypocrite", and "blamestorm". Unfortunately, none of these words will be added to the dictionary anytime soon, something that we’d really w00t about.