Whoever said that the NYPD had a heart of stone? The most famous police department in the world is outfitting new recruits with iPods. The new program, which has now placed 947 of the little media players in the hands of the city’s finest, has been in effect for quite some time now. The players come pre-equipped with audio and video relating to "Penal Law, criminal procedure, warrants, and ethics," though we’re guessing that most of that info gets overwritten with B.I.G.’s Ready To Die within 2-3 hours. No word on which iPod model the department is handing out, but given the mention of video they’re not skimping with a lowly Shuffle. This doesn’t make the thought of joining the force any more appealing to us, but if the lack of an iPod in your life was stopping you from hitting the Police Academy, now is the time to step up.