If you’re the type of person that, as a kid, longed for a wrist-based communication device, your savior may have arrived. A new touchscreen-cell-phone-wristwatch is now available via Think Geek, and in spite of its geekiness, is actually pretty slick. Its tiny touchscreen is operated by a tiny stylus, and can be used for the basics: phone calls, SMS, notes, calendar entries. Best of all, it’s an unlocked GSM phone, so as long as you’re on a GSM carrier, you can just pop your SIM card into it, and you’re set! It’s got a minimal amount of media-capable internal memory (60MB), but it does come with its own Bluetooth headset, which you can ditch in favor of your own, or even a wired variant. And, it’s not limited to watch form. You can also rock it as a pendant. Holla! Grab your $199 and head to Think Geek to pick one up for that nasty little cousin of yours you don’t know what to buy.