If you’ve got a priceless SMS convo on your iPhone, this might be the only ticket on Apple Express. The new software, which is still in beta, allows you to save and archive SMS conversation threads from your phone. It also provides a simple and straight forward interface that lets you search and view the threads once they’ve been downloaded to your desktop. The conversations are fully searchable, and Syphon displays them in a format that mimics the actual iChat-style layout on the iPhone itself. Not bad at all. It’s currently free, though we’re not sure if they plan on charging for the software once it graduates from beta. All you need right now is an iPhone, a Mac running OS 10.4 or higher, and iTunes 7.4 or higher. Now if we could just get SMS forwarding…Oh wait! Installer has got that! Now what, iPhone party poopers?

[Via GigaOm]