It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of OQO’s current flagship UMPC, the OQO 02. It’s also no secret, however, that the OQO 02 usually ain’t cheap. Prices obviously vary depending on configuration, but you can expect to pay about $1,850 for a model with XP Professional, 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB of DDR2 RAM, and a 60GB hard drive. Not crazy expensive, but certainly out of the “casual purchase” realm. Thankfully, Tiger Direct is selling these bad boys off at a discount. Factoring in a $780 instant discount, your final price comes to….wait for it….$1,069.99! That’s honestly insane for one of the hottest UMPC-type devices on the market. No idea how many they have or how long this deal will last, so you best get over there with the quickness!