This could get interesting pretty quickly. It’s common knowledge that T-Mobile Germany has been legally forced to sell an unlocked version of the previously locked iPhone. What hasn’t been clear until now, however, is just how the 999 Euro handsets will be freed from their SIM-locked shackles. Thankfully, the fog has lifted. Anyone trying to purchase an unlocked iPhone is given a regular “locked handset from the retailer. The IMEI of that phone is sent to Apple, who subsequently approves your handset for remote unlocking. Within 24 hours, you’ll get an email from Apple giving you the thumbs up. You then connect your handset to iTunes, and the software does the rest. Minutes later, you’ll have a fully unlocked iPhone running firmware version 1.1.2. Does this mean that iTunes has a built-in unlocking feature? Well, yes, but whether or not that feature is dependent upon Apple’s activation magic is unclear…we suppose the iPhone Dev Team is hard at work again.