And the never ending battle continues. John Hart, a Californian Comcast customer, has sued the internet provider over the company’s peer to peer blocking policies. Hart claims that Comcast’s P2P practices are severely limiting his ability to use any file sharing programs, as well as limiting his access to Lotus Notes. Hart’s beef, it seems, is that the company didn’t sufficiently disclose their blocking practices when he signed up for service. This is just the latest chapter in an ongoing public backlash against the ISP, which has come under fire from consumer interest groups, individual customers, and the FCC itself. Comcast has continued to deny any wrongdoing, stating firmly that they do not block any traffic, though they do “delay” data from time to time. Smells a bit suspicious to us. Any Comcast users out there noticing they can’t get their copy of DVD SCR | American Gangster?