It looks like Microsoft has a couple of tricks up their sleeve for prospective Zune owners. They’ve just revealed that it intends to make the Zune marketplace available from a plethora of sources. Tracks will be available for download from your desktop computer, Zune device, a web-based interface, and some sort of Windows Mobile interface. Sounds pretty appealing if you ask us. If we were able to purchase Zune tracks from our Windows Mobile 6 phone, which we could then be transfered seamlessly to our new Zunes, we might possibly be able to overlook the fact that we had, you know, a Zune. There’s no official word on just how Microsoft intends to implement this multi-platform process, but we’ll be interested to see how well they pull it off. Is it just us, or did that Xbox Live thing never quite make it to WIndows Mobile phones like they had planned?

UPDATE: It seems that this was some sort of hoax by a Microsoft employee who was in a bit of a devious mood. It turns out that Microsoft will not be offering Zune Store downloads from anywhere outside of your desktop interface. Sorry!