Got a little bit of competition there, Nokia? We’d say so! Sony Ericsson, long know for pooping on us America consumers with non-850MHz phones has finally turned a corner. The Sony Ericsson K850i doesn’t just come quad-band — we’re talking tri-band UMTS/HSDPA action also! Such a glorious day. A 5 megapixel CyberShot camera graces the handset, as do countless other features and upgrades over previous S.E. products. We’re loving this device, too. The camera lens opens automatically like a real camera on the back, the keypad is a pleasure to use and is highly responsive. We’re zipping away at HSDPA speeds right now, so we’d say all systems are a "go!" If there was ever a time to do a battle, it would be between the Nokia N95, and the Sony Ericsson K850i. Right, Chris? Check out our shots below!

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