Panasonic is set to launch a trio of High-Definition video recorders, complete with massive internal drives, a multitude of output options, and much more. Sounds great, right? Yeah, but we should state from the jump that you won’t be seeing these things any time soon on American retail soil. Oh, the humanity! Limited availability aside, these are some pretty great little DVRs. The top of the line DMR-BW900 sports a 1 Terabyte internal drive, allowing for up to 381 hours of recording. That’s almost 16 days of television. Next up is the DMR-BW800, which sports a 500 GB internal drive. Both the DMR-BW900 and DMR-BW800 also have 1080p24 video output, assuring incredibly high resolution playback. The baby of the bunch is DMR-BW700, which sports a lowly 250 GB drive, and lower resolution output. No pricing is available just yet, but expect these to be available in Japan by the 1st of November.