Yeah, we know — The Boy Genius Report and Keychains don’t usually go hand in hand, but we’re breaking all the rules today. This keychain in particular sports a 1.8" LCD screen and 8 MB of onboard memory. That’s enough internal space to hold and display up to 74 pictures, all why helping you to hold on to your keys. The Digital Foci Pocket Album comes bundled with photo editing software that allows you to convert your favorite JPGs and BMPs to the correct format, and runs off a Lithium Ion battery that should give you enough power for up to 9 hours of continuous viewing. This all sounds great, but throwing an LCD screen into the same general vicinity as a bunch of keys seems like a recipe for one thing: scratched LCD. Nice try Batman, but we’re gonna pass on this one. For anyone a bit braver than us, you can track these down for about $40.