See those photos of 4 “leaked” Motorola phones above? We got word from one of our oh-so-sneaky Motorola ninjas, and they told us that not only are the names fake, the specs, and photos are fakes as well. There is no 8 megapixel phone currently being worked on in Motorola Labs. The Texel sort of looks like ELBA, but these pics are fake. “100% percent, with out a question fake.” The 5 megapixel Kodak lens camera phone we gave y’all the scoop on? Well, that is still in the testing phase, and there is no name, it’s not even in the final design phase. Additionally, we were told that the “leaked” images from Motorola Phone Tools of the Motorola E3 way back in ’06 were most likely leaked by Moto on purpose. With that being said, we’ve been told this might have been another MotoMove to drum up some hype and interest in their upcoming ’08 lineup which does in fact exist. So there ya’ have it. Busted.