Yeah, yeah, you should know by know…we don’t plays arounds! Our last bit of T-Mobile info informed us we’d be seeing the Motorola RAZR 2 V8 peek out on October 15th, and we’ve received additional confirmation this still holds true. The quick difference between the other carrier versions and T-Mobile’s, is that  their V8 is the smallest of the bunch, but is also the only one to not sport a memory expansion card. To make up for this, it rocks 2GB of internal memory (thankfully T-Mobz went for that one instead of the 512MB version). Another quick difference is that it runs Motorola’s Linux-based OS — a big draw for some people. They’re actively pushing their cellphone crack to potential buyers aged 18-30, and mention their customers "will love having an innovative device that builds on the original RAZR’s iconic design because they see their phone as a status symbol." A little shallow and direct? Sure. But we still say you can’t go wrong with a Moto V8! Head on over to Engadget Mobile for the full run down!

Thanks, T-MobileStar!