Are you an Alltel subscriber waiting anxiously to see what new handsets will be available in the near future? Put down that Xanax, take a deep breath, and read on…The little carrier has a couple of tricks up their sleeve. Palm fans will be able to get their hands on the Treo 755p in short order, though we’re not entirely sure why anyone would actually want one of those things. A bit more appealing is the Blackberry Pearl 8130, which will launch concurrently with the 755p. The Pearl 2 will be a welcome addition to Alltel’s ailing ‘Berry lineup. The final smartphone is the strangely named UTStarcom 6850. The name resembles the UTStarcom PPC-6800, which we all know and love as the HTC Mogul, so we would guess that this is just a rebranded version of the same device. Motorola will be bringing the U5, a CDMA PEBL variant, and the ROKR Z6m to the table. No word on specific launch dates, but if the information is correct, we should see most of these in the very near future.